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Let's get pumped for the event tomorrow!
So I'm starting a bios of my toon upon request
How do I put up the to story of my toon Xavier
VVV Dope.
Check out the Calendar! We will now have Ranked WZ runs on Thurs. (for 55s), KDY runs on Fridays (lvls 15-54), and will continue our ops runs on Sundays. Check it out for times and more details.


Ashyrie (Shy'riah) a posted Mon at 12:49
This week we will be hosting a number of RP events. 
Wednesday-Friday we will have events at 6pm PST.
Saturday (The final event) is also at 6pm PST.
You are not required to go to these events unless you are online. 
If you are a trooper with a low rank, that has been through basic training.. sent me mail IN GAME. First come first serve.. we two to take on a roll for the Thursday event. MAKE SURE this time and day works for you. Please do not commit if there is a chance you will not make the event.

Thank you all for making Knights of Peace so fun.. and I can't wait to RP these events with all of you!
Ashyrie (Shy'riah) a Great. We gave Ashwackwak, Cibbana, Laina-si, and Vaskyl as volunteers so far. And this is one large event each day, to ...
Gilmiss So will there be multiple events each day that each lead up to something Saturday or is it one event each day that leads ...
Cibb Signed up for Trooper position on Thursday and will bring my level ~30 bounty hunter on Saturday.

As Requeste

Ashyrie (Shy'riah) a posted Jul 17, 14
As someone requested.. I have created a Facebook group for Knights of Peace. -NO ONE- is required to join. Same rules apply in the group as they do on the site. Please, make sure you edit your facebook privacy settings to your liking before joining the group, and report any harassment or stalking to both Facebook, and the guild leaders.

Hopefully we can all be mature and enjoy another way to converse with eachother. :)

If you would like to join the group, please go to
Berdarr a With my internet acting up, if you need to ask me something put it on facebook. it is the only thing i have reliable rig ...


Ashyrie (Shy'riah) a posted Jul 1, 14
On Saturday, July 12th, there will be a guild purge. 
This will be following the meeting. Do not be alarmed when many people start being kicked from our ranks. SWTOR has a guild member cap of 500, and we are currently about 20 members away from hitting that cap. The way to keep active members, is to continue recruiting. To do this.. we must clear our roster of inactive players.
IF you know someone, or have an alt, that has been offline for over 60 days.. get them logged on.
IF you have been kicked during the purge, and become active again, let us know.. and we will invite you back right away.

If you know someone who has been offline for 60+ days that has given a valid reason, and plans to come back.. put there name in the comment section. We will keep them in our ranks regardless of their time offline.
Leyrah I've returned from an absence. Unfortunately I was kicked during the purge. ...
Ashyrie (Shy'riah) a Sounds good! and no promotions as of now, but that could change.
GoldMaster ill be there but is there a promotion going on?
Greetings everyone! Nomund'dras here!

So this past week's been pretty busy, and lots of awesome things have been happening with the guild, especially in our Ops department!

Our Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace runs were absolute successes and that's got me absolutely pumped for Sunday's run of Explosive Conflict!

Wanna come join us? We sure could use the help!

On June 22nd, 8PM PST (11PM EST), we'll be running the event. Be sure to show up half an hour early to get ready with your fellow teammates (including myself), and make sure you downloaded TeamSpeak so you can listen in on the Op strategies!

Wanna sign up! Awesome! Just pop on over to the Calender tab right here on the site, click on the event for Explosive Conflict and just register which character you'll be joining as and which role you'll be. It's that easy!

Can't wait to get started, so see you guys there!

Ahkila x Are you planning on running SM?


Ahkila x posted Jun 21, 14
Berdarr will be holding an RP event today 2 hours after the Guild Meeting (i.e. roughly 5:30pm PST).  All are welcome :).


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