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im back for a week
Server back up
Did the server just go down? o.o
Hey y'all just got my new computer, gonna install SWTOR tonight so I'll be up and running for Labor Day weekend!
good news everyone ill be on for a bit here on mobday about midday i hipe to aee you all soon
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THANK YOU to everyone that helped raise over 50 million credits in two days! We got our Flagship, and a fully upgraded stronghold! Our flagship is looking rather empty.. and it isn't upgraded.. but you are welcomed to continue to donate if you wish. If you go to the guild bank.. there is a donation slot in the lower left hand corner where you can donate furniture and other stronghold decor. We already are maxed out on the cheap furniture (metal chairs, metal couches, etc) so if you would like to donate other items, we would appreciate that. :) 

Thank you again! This guild is all the better thanks to the help of our awesome members.

Bellator Medentes

Ratano admin posted Aug 13, 14

           Are you a Sage and looking for your higher calling?  Is your training leading you down the path of higher knowledge of the Force. Then look no further! The Sage sect Bellator Medentes is looking for you. If you are of Knight rank or higher you qualify for membership. If you are interested apply on the website or mail me in-game. I would like to have a meeting on 8-16-14 after the weekly guild meeting. I look forward to working with all of you. Have fun and may the Force be with you.

Jedi Master Ratano

Headmaster of Sages

Barackobina/Batoré Damn i missed the meeting =/

Shield of Courage

Halagad adminLegendary posted Aug 11, 14
The Guardian sect Shield of Courage is looking for all Guardians ranked Knight and above to join.  Information has been updated and more will be coming soon!  If interested, post on the respected thread and read the requirements.  You will then be contacted in game regarding more information.  Hope to hear from you soon!

Submit your ideas!

Ashyrie (Shy'riah) admin posted Aug 4, 14
Now is the time to submit your RP ideas! 
If you would like to take leadership and run your own event, go here to submit your RP plot.

Master Akaelinia admin Mine's submitted ...

PvE Progression Team

A-ustin admin posted Aug 1, 14
Hello fellow guildies, there will be a meeting in teamspeak at 9pm server time tomorrow to discuss a PvE progression group. If interested but cannot make it please mail me in game with character name and role. Thank you for your time.
Zaii'gal Fyus/Zaii'nal admin Healer/DPS/Tank/Badass at your service..
Ashyrie (Shy'riah) admin PICK ME MI'LORD!
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