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late congrats you two
A late congratulations!
CONGRATULATIONS on your lovely baby girl :).
And congrats!
Hey guys, sorry I've been away, all of my computers got hacked and we just got everything fixed last night, so I'll be logging in today hopefully


Shy'riah a posted Apr 10, 14
There is now, yet another, silent auction.
This auction will consist of an extremely rare items that you can get a good deal on! 

If you have any rare cartel items you would like to DONATE, please tell me in-game. 

All of the auction credits will go to the guild bank to help fund trooper gear and dyes, and to save up for our guild Flag Ship (assuming it will cost credits). We also may use some of the credits as a starting number for the next upcoming lottery. 
Attention Soldiers currently serving in the Knights of Peace,

        The 2nd Quarterly wargames will be held in four days time. It will include ALL Soldiers who have completed Basic Training, as well as Specialized Units. The Exercise details will be briefed approximately one hour prior to the Exercise beginning. All Soldiers will be expected to be in Uniform and in the Senate Tower on Coruscant for the Pre-Exercise briefing. Briefing will begin at 1500 on the day of the Exercise. Ensure you are at least fifteen minutes early.

//Wrottz Arctic, Col.//
//Commander, 1st SOG//

((The RP event will take place this sunday at 3pm PST, all troopers and smugglers who have completed basic training will need to be in place by 2:45pm PST for the briefing))

There are new forums for seeker ads.

PLEASE post in the correct Thread and DO NOT REPLY TO PEOPLE through the threads.
If you need to respond to someone.. send them mail VIA the site, or in-game. 

FOR ONE WEEK ONLY (Ending 4/10/14 at 12am PST)
If you are a Knight, and you bring a Padawan to Knight (they must take trials).. you will be promoted to Master! 
AFTER THIS WEEK, it will become harder to become a master, once again.
Take advantage of this, please!
Look at the top panel, of the website (under the banner). 
Click Forums.
Find the link that applys to what you are looking for.
Click the link.
Find the exact thread you are looking for.
Click the thread.

Leyrah Instructions too complicated. I got my lightsaber caught in a electro-magnetic quantum stabilizer in a swoop bike. Pleas ...
Yohachi This clears up a lot of my confusion about our site. I was too embarrassed to ask and appreciate the generosity. Wisdom, ...
Shy'riah a Brilliant.

Saturday's Meeting/ Gbank

Berdarr a posted Mar 20, 14

All Jedi, that are main characters, are required to attend. If you are unable to attend, Send a message to Grandmaster Zaii'gal or one of the council members, before the meeting day, and let them know why.

When placing items in the Gbank, remember in the Cartel Gear section, it is for cartel gear only. if you have other gear to place in the Gbank that you think others can use put it on the first page. Also, when placing things to sell in the guild store be sure you come to the site and put your price in the forums page dedicated to that. If you want something out of the guild store than you must get ahold of a council member.

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